PyGame from Scratch! | Udemy

PyGame from Scratch! | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Building complete videogames from scratch using pygame
Getting strong skills about all pygames’s basic and advanced features
Managing images, sound, explosions, collisions, scoring, sprites, etc.
Making an executable file from your python game

Sometimes the best way to learn is not study tons of pages but start doing things together with experts. In this course you are invited to seat together with me coding and making new videogames step-by-step, instruction after instruction.

Create and Run simple and more advanced Videogames from Scratch using PyGame is the best way to acquire all the SKILLS needed to create any kind of game as complex and as big as you want. With this approach you will move from zero to hero in a real blink of an eye!

In this lessons we see how to build up simple games such as Tic Tac Toe and Pong and much more complex such as Space Invaders and Flappy Bird. In this way we learn gradually how to manage all the required skills to make a good and complete game works well.

Screens, boards, images, sound, explosions, collisions, mouse and keyboard events, movements, screen feedbacks, buttons, sprites and many more concepts and elements are deeply explored, explained and build.

Each game is started from zero, from the importing part of the program, and every single code instruction is written and commented together.

Another very important aspect we are learning together, for example in Pong, is how to “give” some AI to our games in order to make them working by themselves in a CPU Vs CPU simulation mode.

Last but not the least, we are making executables files from our python files, in this way it will be super simple and easy carry our games with us for example in a USB memory stick.

Creating your own game hasn’t ever been so enjoyable, start immediately!


Who this course is for:
Python Programmers, Computer Science Students, IT Passionates, Videogames Lovers, etc.

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