PS – Building an Enterprise Private Blockchain on Salesforce

PS – Building an Enterprise Private Blockchain on Salesforce
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Private blockchains can have a major role in securing enterprise data while maintaining tight access and privacy controls. In this course, you’ll use specific examples on the Salesforce platform to know about the role of blockchain in the enterprise.
Table of contents
1.Course Overview2m 15s
2.Our Journey Begins3m 16s
3.A Brief Introduction to Blockchain (It’s a Ledger!)4m 16s
4.Distributed Blockchains and Cryptocurrency4m 37s
5.Distributed Blockchains and the Enterprise4m 9s
6.Blockchain Mania4m 20s

7.Private Blockchains and Salesforce5m 22s
8.The Scenarios5m 54s
9.Immutability and Confidentiality3m 27s
10.The Results4m 46s

11.A Bit of Architecture7m 3s
12.The Data Model6m 46s
13.Creating and Validating Transactions4m 54s
14.Adding Blocks to the Blockchain8m 29s
15.Validating the Blockchain3m 17s
16.Securing the Blockchain6m 55s

17.Automatic Block Insertion2m 58s
18.Variations on the Theme2m 48s
19.Next Steps and Conclusion1m 45s

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