Proxmox VE 6: Learn Virtualization With Proxmox VE 6 Today | Udemy

Proxmox VE 6: Learn Virtualization With Proxmox VE 6 Today | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
How to use all the fundamental features and functionality of Proxmox VE 6.0
How to virtualize your datacenter
New features and options in the newest version – Proxmox VE 6
Learn proper Proxmox 6.0 installation according to your needs
How to decrease system downtime
Learn proper Proxmox 6.0 configuration
Learn Virtual Machines creation and main options
Learn the Proxmox networking configuration
Learn backup/restore models on Proxmox 6.0
Learn how to create a Proxmox Cluster
Much more…
Everything is covered step by step for you to succeed with Proxmox 6.0 without wasting time on filler content.


The primary objective of this course is to teach students the fundamentals of Proxmox VE version 6.0 hypervisor as fast and effective as possible.

I will start teaching you the fundamental theory about Proxmox hypervisor, then swiftly move on to practical demonstrations with exercises for you to do along with me.


How to properly install and configure the latest Proxmox VE 6.0 version

How to manage isolated Virtual Machines on a hypervisor

How to create a cluster

Add data storages and internal networks

Install guest operating systems

Much more…

I will take you by the hand and show you step by step, how Proxmox VE 6.0 can help you.

When you are done with the course, you will have acquired the necessary skills to manage the latest Proxmox VE 6.0 version and take your career to the next level.

This course will tell you about Proxmox hypervisor, one of the best representatives of virtualization technology.

Virtualization came to IT in the early 2000s when Fabrice Bellard started QEMU as a small tool to run x86 Linux binaries on non-x86 Linux platforms. Since then virtualization has evolved into one of the main bases of modern IT infrastructure. Most Clouds, hostings and even small businesses use it.

This happened because of 2 main reasons: modern virtualization technologies give us almost 99% productivity of real hardware where it’s running. It has also opened new horizons of scalability, reliability, and work speed, for support teams and technical specialists around the world.

A Hypervisor itself is an all-in-one solution, representing a server with a stack of virtualization technologies, which gives us an ability to manage Virtual Machines, network bridges, data storages, backups, permissions, user roles and even Load Balancing from one interface. Actually, the so-called hypervisor is a dedicated hardware server, with specialized software that runs Virtual servers above real hardware.

We will learn the latest version 6.0, of the best opensource hypervisor – Proxmox.

Who this course is for:
Anyone interested in learning how to use the newest Proxmox VE 6.0 to manage virtual server technology.
System developers that want to to learn the new features and benefits of version 6.0 of Proxmox
Beginner System Administrators that want to learn Proxmox VE to further their career

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