Protect AWS with Fortigate Fortinet Firewalls | Udemy

Protect AWS with Fortigate Fortinet Firewalls | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
How to Implement Forgitate Fortinet Firewall in AWS
How to Configure AWS routing to protect AWS EC2 Instances Behind the Fortinet Firewall
How to Configure Fortinet for Virtual IP mapping and load balancing
How to Configure Fortinet Policies
How to Configure Fortinet VPN SSL in Web Proxy Mode
How to deploy Fortinet using terraform in a single VPC, high availability and transit gateway
Explains the concepts of Transit Gateway and Transit VPC with example on deployment using both Terraform and CloudFormation
Designing AWS for firewalling using Fortinet and the different deployment methods

This class demonstrates how to use Fortinet Fortigate Firewalls to protect AWS networks. The student will understand:

* How to provision Fortigate Firewalls on AWS.

* How to configure security policies to protect AWS ec2 instances.

* How to Configure NAT to protect AWS EC2 instances behind the Fortigate firewall.

* How to Configure Fortinet SDN Connector to dynamically create policies on the firewall.

* How to configure SSL VPN to allow users to connect and access EC2 instances in AWS.

* How to configure Network Address Translations using Virtual IPs.

* In the remote access section, we cover how to configure the Fortinet firewalls for SSL VPN proxy mode and SSL tunnel mode.

* We cover how to connect to AWS using remote access feature in the Fortinet firewall, connecting using Windows, Linux and Mac OsX.

* Deployment using Cloud Formation and Terraform scripts.

* Deployment in a Single VPC.

* Deployment in a Single VPC in HA.

* We cover transit gateway and how to deploy the Fortinet in a Transit Gateway setup.

* We explain transit VPC and deployment in Transit VPC.

* We explore deployment in a load balancer setup using front end and back end load balancers.

* We go over deployment in a load balancer setup in HA.

Who this course is for:
Students that would like to gain the knowledge on how to protect AWS Instances using Fortigate Firewall.
Students who want to understand deploying Fortigate firewalls using automation tools like Terraform and CloudFormation templates.

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