Primal Attraction Activation System

Primal Attraction Activation System
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This system aims to show men how to activate the attraction mechanism in a woman to make her addicted to you.

Bonus items include:

– Master the attractive character
– Advanced exercises to improve yourself
– How to amplify attraction and get a woman addicted to you

able of Contents/ List of Topics Covered:

The Manual
– How attraction works
– Attraction creating, teasing lines
– A powerful aphrodisiac for women
– The importance of status to attract women
– How to use teasing to get women attracted to you
– Teasing examples and miss calibrated teasing
– Lines you can memorize for interacting with women
– An exercise to help you improve your pull rate with women
– Techniques to activate primal attractions with women you meet
– The most powerful attraction trigger and how to activate it to attract women
– What to think when talking to a woman so your subcommunications become attractive

Video Breakdowns
– How attractive men think and act
– How to overcome a woman’s shit tests
– How to set a frame like a celebrity
– How to establish yourself as a sexual treat
– How an alpha male handles difficult women
– How role playing is used to create attraction
– How to become a player and ladies man
– The gesture to make women chase you
– What self-talk of an attractive man looks like
– A social expression to pass a woman’s tests
– How to handle difficult women on the first date
– Lines to help you establish a high status frame
– The belief system you need to sleep with hot women
– Subcommunications you should have when teasing
– How to use your eyes to a make a woman chase you
– How to make women horny by making them frustrated
– The response when a woman asks information about you
– How to act when you are in a frame battle with a woman
– How to correctly tease high status women so they chase you
– Using body language to set the frame that she is chasing you
– How two alpha male friends treat each other when hanging out
– Projecting a sexual frame in order to sleep with a lot of women
– How teasing should be done and where it should be coming from
– How George Clooney and Brad Pitt (alpha males) interact together
– How Brad Pitt flirts and how subcommunications make others think you are attractive
– Setting the best frame to maximize your chances with sleeping with a woman on the first date

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