Practical JIRA Workflows and Boards for Scrum Projects | Udemy

Practical JIRA Workflows and Boards for Scrum Projects | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Create and configure Jira workflows and workflow schemes.
Understand and utilize workflow components (statuses, transitions, resolutions, post functions, properties, triggers, conditions, validators).
Create and configure Jira boards.
Understand and utilize board settings (filters, columns, swim-lanes, issue card customizations).
Use boards Backlog Screen to prioritize work and plan and create sprints.
Manage sprints using Active Sprints screen.
Understand specifics and differences between Scrum and Kanban boards
Use Jira roadmaps to manage project timelines.
Use Jira reports to monitor sprints and project progress (Burndown and Burnup Charts. Sprint Report, Velocity Chart, Cumulative Workflow Diagram).
Monitor and manage work using Jira mobile app.

Welcome to the Practical Jira Workflows and Boards for Scrum Projects course. In this course you will learn everything there is to know about Jira workflows and Jira boards, how they work hand in hand, how to configure them to suit your needs and how to use them to improve the efficiency and transparency of your work process.

By the end of the course while working along and creating the project’s workflows and boards, you will learn and use:

Components of Jira workflows:




transition screens,




post functions


Components of Jira boards:

board filters


quick filters

card colors

card layout


roadmap view

Core Jira reports:

Burnup Chart

Burndown Chart

Sprint Report

Velocity Chart

Cumulative Workflow Diagram


Increase transparency, accountability, and productivity of the team using workflows and boards optimized for your Scrum project.

Earn stakeholders and team trust by creating and distributing real-time reports from the Jira report library.

Learn skills that very few Jira users possess.


Course Project – This whole course revolves around a single Jira configuration project which requires two workflows and three boards. Completion of the project scope requires the usage of every workflow component and every board component.

Workflows and Schemes Concepts – Deep dive into concepts of workflows schemes, what are they, why they exist and how should they be used.

Workflow Components – Comprehensive review of all workflow components (statuses, transitions, resolutions, transition screens, triggers, conditions, validators, post function, properties).

Board Concepts – Detailed summary of Jira board concepts, what are they and what are the benefits of using them.

Board Components and Settings – Detailed review of all board screens and components (Backlog, Active Sprints and Reports screens, board filters, columns, quick filters, card colors, card layout, estimation, roadmap view).

Reports – Overview of Jira reporting features and thorough review of five core reports: Burndown Chart, Burnup Chart, Sprint Report, Velocity Chart and Cumulative Flow Diagram.

Who this course is for:
Scrum Masters looking to optimize boards and workflows for their teams.
Project Managers wanting to get better insights into project progress and problems.
Product Owners desiring to improve how work priorities are communicated to the team.
Developers wishing to optimize how they use Jira in everyday work.
Jira Administrators needing advanced Jira configuration skills.

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