Power Automate FLOW and DESKTOP Hands-on Crash Course 2021 | Udemy

Power Automate FLOW and DESKTOP Hands-on Crash Course 2021 | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Save time!
Learn how to automate desktop and web applications
Understanding Intelligent Automation and the context in which to use flow and desktop
Leverage the power of AI to build smart automations
Set up flow and desktop and understand their limitations, pricing and platform interface
Build cloud flows with different examples and flows to automate any task
Build an end to end processes that leverages cloud ai functionalities and desktop actions

Power Automate Flow and Desktop are two technologies provided by Microsoft that will allow you to save countless hours of time and gain a competitive advantage in the work environment.

Knowing how to automate repetitive processes and leverage the power of AI to automate cognitive tasks are fundamental skills to have in 2021 and that you will learn in this crash course.

If you have been struggling with learning automation technologies this video is meant to take you from zero to hero and while keeping you engaged, curious and entertained. I have created this course in such a way that you will learn by example with exciting projects.

You will learn how to use Microsoft Power Automate Flow and Desktop to easily automate repetitive and boring tasks. With Power Automate you create automated workflows that can be triggered based on an event, a schedule or manually triggered by you. With Desktop you create flows on your computer to automate web applications or desktop applications. You will also learn how to use AI builder to build some amazing automation that could potentially save your company or you countless hours of work.

Not only does Power Automate save time, but it can generate reports that help you and your team be more productive and streamline business processes. This Power Automate tutorial is great for beginners!

You’ll learn Power Automate Flow and Desktop with examples!

Here is what you will learn:

Lesson 1: Understanding Intelligent Automation

Course introduction and roadmap

What is Power Automate & RPA

What is Intelligent Automation

Differences between cloud and desktop

Power Automate Flow Walkthrough

Power Automate Desktop Walkthrough

Knowledge Check

Lesson 2: Setup and Pricing

Environment Set up

Power Automate Desktop Set Up

Knowledge Check

Assignment: Set up your account

Lesson 3: Building Cloud Flows

Getting Started

Manual Flows

Scheduled Flows

Triggered Flows

Approval Flows

AI Builder Overview

Custom AI model

Knowledge check

Assignment: Create an invoice processing flow

Lesson 4: Building Desktop Flows

Getting Started

Excel automation

Email Automation

Exception Handling

Web Automation

Desktop Automation

Building Strong Flows

Using AI Services

Knowledge check


Lesson 5: Putting it all together

Connect desktop to cloud

End to end process automation

Final project

What’s Next

Who this course is for:
Anybody looking to save time!
Interested to start learning RPA (Robotic Process Automation)
Beginners of Microsoft Power Automate Flow and Desktop
Analysts / Managers who want to automate any repetitive task to save time
Analysts / Managers who want to integrate automation into their business processes
Students who want to impress employers with a relevant high-in-demand and growing Microsoft skill
Anyone who has a repetitive task that they want to automate
Business and Technical Decision Makers
Functional Application Consultants



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