Pluralsight – What is New in .NET 4.5

Pluralsight - What is New in .NET 4.5
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Learn how to take advantage of well-known and obscure features in .NET 4.5. As an in-place update, some changes will happen when you target .NET 4.5, or you recompile with the new compilers, or your users upgrade libraries, often beyond your control. Improved behavior often has the downside of breaking changes and this course explores the possible downside of these changes. Written mostly in C#, the course also includes a module covering changes in Visual Basic. You’ll see the breadth of the release from async to zip, including improvements to tracing and MEF.


The .NET 4.5 Release
In-Place Update

Changes to the Core Framework

Portable Class Libraries
Targeting 32 and 64 bit
Review Application Startup
Automatic NGen
Multicore Background JIT
High Entropy ASLR
Better Garbage Collection and Heaps
Library Changes for Networking
Readonly Collections
The New Reflection Model
Library Changes for Better Culture Support
Improvements to Exception Management
Selected BCL Improvements
Miscellaneous: Large Arrays, Console Apps and Zip

Event Source ETW Support

Value Proposition for ETW
ETW Design
Introducing the Event Source Class
Demo: Creating and Capturing Events with PerfView
Advanced Features for Defining and Collecting Events
Performance Implications – How Fast is Fast?

Async and Parallelism

Conceptual Async
Demo: The Simplest Possible Async
Managing Exceptions
New Task Members: WhenAll
New Task Members: WhenAny
New Task Members: Run and FromResult
New Task Members: Delay, Yield, and ConfigureAwait
Handling Cancellation and Timeout
Reporting Progress
Demo: Async Debugging
Visual Studio Debugging
Demo: Visual Studio Debugging

Caller Information

Caller Information Attributes
Using Caller Information for Logging
Using Caller Information to Implement INotifyPropertyChanged

Changes to Visual Basic

Demo: Call Hierarchy
Using the Global Keyword to Manage Namespaces
Changes to How the Editor Alters Your Code
Upgrades to Overloads and Implicit Return Types
Improvements in the Visual Basic Compiler
Visual Basic Syntax for Async and Caller Info

Changes to the Managed Extensibility Framework

Dependency Injection and MEF Design
The New Inference Model for Container Creation
Demo: .NET 4.0 Example
Demo: Converting the Example to .NET 4.5
Demo: Adding an Importing Constructor for Attribute Free MEF
Using Open Generics Resolution
Controlling Lifetime and Scope
Improved Diagnostics
Alternate Versions of MEF

Breaking Changes

Breaking Changes in Perspective
Managing Different Versions of .NET
Breaking Changes: Core Framework
Breaking Changes: Networking
Breaking Changes: UI Libraries

Breaking Changes: Workflow and WCF
Breaking Changes: MSBuild
Breaking Changes: Data
Breaking Changes: CSharp
Breaking Changes: Visual Basic
Breaking Change: For Each Lifting
Impact of the January 2013Updates

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