Pluralsight – VMware Horizon 7 Configure and Manage App Volumes

Pluralsight – VMware Horizon 7 Configure and Manage App Volumes
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Installing applications directly onto VMs is no longer the best practice. This course will teach you how VMware App Volumes disconnects apps from OSs and greatly simplifies application delivery.
The age-old practice of installing applications just doesn’t scale with the needs of a VDI environment. Even automating the process with traditional application delivery tools doesn’t solve the problem well. VMware App Volumes is a simple, but remarkable, solution for virtualizing apps into VMDK virtual disks and quite literally attaching them to virtual machines.

In this course, VMware Horizon 7: Configure and Manage App Volumes, you’ll explore App Volumes’ almost-uninterestingly simple installation. First, you’ll package up a set of applications into VMDK virtual disks that can be assigned to any VM to which a user connects. Next, you’ll see how writeable disks are layered over the top to maintain the capture of user settings. Finally, you’ll discover how to package up a couple of apps. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to package and just-in-time deliver all manner of apps into your VMs right as their users login.

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