Pluralsight – Using Glimpse With ASP.NET, MVC4, and Entity Framework

Pluralsight - Using Glimpse With ASP.NET, MVC4, and Entity Framework
[box style=”info”]Authored by: John Sonmez
Duration: 2h 24m
Level: Intermediate
Released: 5/28/2013
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Description :

If you are using ASP.NET, especially if you are using ASP.NET MVC, you need to be using Glimpse! Glimpse is an amazing open source and free diagnostics platform for the web. Glimpse lets you see diagnostics information about what is happening on your server directly in your page through a small diagnostics window completely rendered in JavaScript.

Out of the box, Glimpse can show you all kinds of information about your MVC application, like what routes are registered, what the flow was through the MVC pipeline and how the models were bound. In this course I walk you through getting Glimpse set up in your application. Then, I show you how to use the Glimpse tabs to understand what is going on in your ASP.NET application. After that, I’ll take you through the very useful ASP.NET MVC tabs and show you how to diagnose a real problem in an ASP.NET MVC 4 application using glimpse. Once we learn all about Glimpse, it’s time to learn about plugins. In the last two modules of the course, I first show you how to install and use some of the common Glimpse plugins, then I show you how easy it is to actually create your own Glimpse plugin. So, if you are an ASP.NET developer and you haven’t heard of Glimpse, you’ll definitely want to check out this course. It will be well worth your time. And if you have heard about Glimpse, but haven’t felt like you have had the time to learn how to use it, this course will help you to become a Glimpse expert and learn everything you need to know to start using Glimpse in just a few hours.

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