Pluralsight – Unity C# Scripting Fundamentals

Pluralsight – Unity C# Scripting Fundamentals
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Have you ever wanted to build a game, but not known how code works in Unity? If so, Unity C# Scripting Fundamentals is the course for you because you will end with a scripted prototype in Unity. First, you’ll learn to understand how variables and methods work. Next, you’ll explore code flow and logic. Following that, you’ll learn all about accessing other scripts on objects. Finally, you’ll wrap up the course learning about triggering events based on those scripts. When you’re finished with this Unity course, you’ll not only be comfortable creating basic scripts in C# but you will also be ready to dive into more advanced scripting within Unity. Required Software: Unity 2017

Name: Unity C# Scripting Fundamentals
Authors: Joshua Kinney
Level: Beginner
Release Date: 27.09.2017
Updated Date: 27.09.2017
Duration: 02:43:52

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