Pluralsight – Unit Testing with MSTest

Pluralsight - Unit Testing with MSTest
[box style=”info”]Title: Pluralsight – Unit Testing with MSTest
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In this course you will be learning about using Microsoft Visual Studio Unit Testing features. We will cover understanding unit testing basics, asserts and testing lifecycle, web performance tests, generic tests, ordered tests, WebServiceHelper and TestConfigurationSection.


01 Introduction to Microsoft Unit Testing Framework

01 Introduction
02 Why Unit Testing Framework?
03 Hello VS Unit Testing Framework
04 Demo- Writing Your First Unit Test
05 Arrange-Act-Assert
06 Managing Unit Tests in VS
07 Demo- Managing Unit Tests in VS
08 Configuring Test Runs
09 Demo- Configuring Test Runs
10 Debugging Unit Tests
11 Demo- Debugging Unit Tests
12 Generating Unit Test using VS
13 Demo- Generating Unit Tests in VS
14 Executing Unit Tests from CMD line
15 Demo- Executing Unit Tests from CMD line
16 Summary

02 Asserts and Testing Lifecycle

01 Introduction
02 Initialization and Cleanup of Resources
03 Initialize and Cleanup at Test Level
04 Demo- Test Initialization and Cleanup
05 Initialize and Cleanup at Class Level
06 Demo- Class Initialization and Cleanup
07 Initialize and Cleanup at Assembly Level
08 Demo- Assembly Initialization and Cleanup
09 Asserting the Facts
10 Demo- Assert, Assert, and Assert
11 Test Context
12 Demo- TestContext
13 Driving Tests with External Data
14 Demo- Drive Your Tests With External Data
15 Summary

03 Types of Tests

01 Introduction
02 Testing Web Applications
03 Process of Web Testing
04 Demo- Adding Web Test to Test Project
05 Web Test Run: Browser Relationship When Web Test is Run
06 Parameterizaton of Web Servers
07 Demo- Parameterizing Web Server
08 Demo- Extraction Rules
09 Understanding Extraction Rules
10 Understanding Validation Rules
11 Demo- Validation Rules
12 Understanding Dynamic Parameters
13 Demo- Dynamic Parameters
14 Data Binding
15 Demo- Data Binding
16 Coded Web Tests
17 Demo- Coded Web Tests
18 Summary

04 Miscellaneous Unit Test Features

01 Introduction
02 Ordered Tests
03 Demo- Ordered Tests
04 Generic Tests
05 Demo- Generic Tests
06 Unit Test Attributes
07 Demo- Unit Test Attributes
08 Unit Test Attributes
09 Demo- Unit Test Attributes
10 Unit Test Attributes
11 Demo- Unit Test Attributes
12 Testing Web Services Hosted on ASPnet Dev Server
13 Demo- Testing Web Services Hosted on ASPnet Dev Server
14 Understanding TestConfigurationSection
15 Demo- TestConfigurationSection
16 Summary

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