Pluralsight – SQL Server Indexing for Performance

Pluralsight – SQL Server: Indexing for Performance
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The most important feature in SQL Server when it comes to getting the required workload performance is probably indexing. But the indexing possibilities you have can be bewildering, and it’s easy to make the wrong choice, leading to wasted resources and maybe even worse performance! In this course, SQL Server: Indexing for Performance, you’ll learn how to correctly choose indexes for your environment. First, you’ll discover how clustered and nonclustered indexes work and how they are used by SQL Server, both of which are crucial when choosing the correct indexes to create. Next you’ll explore the tipping point – when an index can be used or not, the benefits of covering queries, and how to use the INCLUDE option to more effectively cover queries. Finally, you’ll learn how to use filtered indexes and get an introduction to index consolidation for effective server tuning. When you’ve finished this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge to start adding and changing indexes in your environment for better performance!

Name: SQL Server: Indexing for Performance
Authors: Kimberly L. Tripp
Level: Intermediate
Release Date: 15.09.2017
Updated Date: 15.09.2017
Duration: 07:11:52

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