Pluralsight – Practical Houdini Math Tips

Pluralsight – Practical Houdini Math Tips
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Have you ever needed help with the practical mathematics to making Houdini effects? If so, Practical Houdini Math Tips is the perfect course for you because you will learn the math that drives Houdini’s VFX. First, you’ll learn about Sines and Cosines. Next, explore Vectors. Finally, you’ll finishing the course learning about Matrices, Quaternions, Dot Products, and Cross Products. When you’re finished with this Houdini course, you’ll not only learn the math skills needed, but also how to use these to generate effects for your own work. Software required: Houdini 15

Course Overview: 1m 22s
Sine & Cosine: 36m 5s
Vectors: 1h 20m
Dot Product & Cross Product:1h 27m
Matrices & Quaternions: 1h 47m

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