PluralSight – Microservices Architectural Design Patterns Playbook

PluralSight – Microservices Architectural Design Patterns Playbook
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Microservices architecture theory promotes flexible and competitive software. In this course learn how to implement and apply the approach using tools, design patterns and techniques.
Table of contents
1.Course Overview2m 28s
2.Introduction1m 2s
3.Need for Scoping Microservices2m 57s
4.Domain Driven Design3m 5s
5.Bounded Context4m 48s
6.Ubiquitous Language3m 12s

7.Unbounded Approach to Microservices1m 55s
8.Using Bounded Contexts for Microservices2m 38s
9.Scoping Using Bounded Contexts3m 5s
10.Aggregation1m 38s
12.Introduction2m 0s
13.Asynchronous Microservices4m 42s
14.Asynchronous Microservices Options5m 3s
15.Event Based2m 24s
16.Event Based Demo3m 45s
17.Competing Workers Pattern2m 35s
18.Competing Workers Pattern Demo1m 15s
19.Fanout Pattern1m 34s
20.Fanout Pattern Demo2m 48s
21.Async API Call5m 31s
22.Summary1m 27s
23.Introduction2m 1s
24.Microservices API Architecture2m 12s
25.Functional Requirements4m 41s
26.Architecture Options2m 16s
27.REST Architectural Style6m 51s
28.RESTFul API Example2m 20s
29.Pragmatic RESTFul Microservices2m 42s
30.Facade Design Pattern4m 35s
31.Proxy Design Pattern2m 17s
32.Stateless Service Pattern2m 15s
33.Summary1m 4s
34.Introduction1m 45s
35.Composition Patterns2m 8s
36.Broker Composition Pattern3m 55s
37.Aggregate Composition Pattern3m 20s
38.Chained Composition Pattern2m 18s
39.Proxy Composition Pattern1m 44s
40.Batch Composition Pattern2m 31s
41.Summary1m 57s
42.Introduction2m 19s
43.Data Consistency7m 41s
44.Options3m 59s
45.Two Phase Commit8m 4s
46.Saga Pattern4m 50s
47.Saga Pattern Example3m 55s
48.Saga Pattern Implementation3m 40s
49.Eventual Consistency6m 20s
50.Summary1m 33s
51.Overview2m 3s
52.Introduction4m 51s
53.Need for Centralized Access4m 10s
54.API Gateway4m 5s
55.API Gateway Example4m 33s
56.Kong API Gateway7m 45s
57.Summary1m 13s
58.Module Introduction2m 8s
59.Introduction3m 8s
60.Microdatabases1m 55s
61.Approach to Database Design6m 59s
62.Event Driven5m 13s
63.Event Sourcing6m 15s
64.CQRS6m 49s
65.Greenfield Database Approach3m 21s
66.Brownfield Migration Strategy8m 25s
67.Summary1m 11s
68.Module Introduction1m 48s
69.Introduction2m 28s
70.Patterns and Approach4m 13s
71.Timeouts Design Pattern7m 19s
72.Circuit Breaker Design Pattern1m 25s
73.Retry Design Pattern9m 7s
74.Bulkheads Design Pattern1m 48s
75.Making a Resilient Microservices Architecture3m 45s
77.Module Introduction1m 50s
78.Introduction3m 5s
79.Backwards Compatibility3m 2s
80.Backwards Compatibility Issues1m 47s
81.Backwards Compatibility: How2m 4s
82.Awareness of Compatibility4m 37s
83.Compatible Changes2m 10s
84.Contract Consistency4m 48s
85.Testing Compatibility8m 49s
86.Contract Testing High-level2m 2s
87.Versioning Strategies3m 14s
88.HTTP Headers2m 18s
89.Request Path2m 13s
91.Module Introduction1m 32s
92.Microservice Contract2m 57s
93.Consumer Driven Contracts2m 21s
94.Resource Based Microservice1m 39s
95.Action Based Microservice1m 20s
96.Task Based Microservice1m 17s
97.Interface Definition Languages3m 11s
98.Swagger5m 7s
100.Module Introduction2m 3s
101.Centralized Logging Introduction2m 49s
102.Centralized Logging Example3m 9s
103.Consistent Logging Format3m 41s
104.Logging Levels2m 56s
105.Transaction Transparency4m 11s
106.Centralized Logging Example3m 25s
107.Summary1m 32s
108.Module Introduction2m 10s
109.Introduction2m 3s
110.Reporting Service Calls4m 27s
111.Data Push Application3m 16s
112.Reporting Event Subscribers4m 29s
113.Reporting Events via Gateway1m 45s
114.Using Backup Imports for Reporting2m 13s
115.ETL and Data-warehouses2m 9s
116.Summary1m 43s
117.Module Introduction1m 41s
118.Introduction3m 20s
119.Continuous Integration3m 36s
120.Continuous Integration Tool Process2m 1s
121.Continuous Delivery3m 17s
122.Continuous Delivery Tool Process1m 38s
123.Automation High-level6m 0s
124.Automation Tools Summary1m 48s
126.Module Introduction2m 0s
127.On Premise5m 24s
128.IAAS4m 43s
129.PAAS4m 21s
130.SAAS3m 12s
131.Hybrid Approach3m 15s
132.Cloud Automation High-level2m 15s
133.Summary1m 21s
134.Module Introduction1m 51s
135.Introduction4m 10s
136.Deployment Servers4m 22s
137.Externalized Configuration Pattern7m 22s
138.Configuration Management Tools3m 49s
139.Configuration Management Tools Example3m 38s
140.Containers6m 21s
142.Module Introduction2m 3s
143.Introduction3m 35s
144.Client Side Discovery4m 38s
145.Server Side Discovery4m 11s
146.Service Registration3m 45s
147.Tools2m 9s
148.Summary1m 43s
149.Module Introduction2m 15s
150.Microservices Monitoring3m 52s
151.Monitoring Key Metrics7m 35s
152.Monitoring SLA Metrics4m 48s
153.Monitoring Dashboards4m 32s
154.Alerting and Monitoring3m 36s
155.Defining Thresholds for Alerts3m 57s
156.Monitoring Tools and Patterns2m 23s
157.Summary1m 49s

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