Pluralsight – jQuery Plugins & jQuery UI

Pluralsight - jQuery Plugins & jQuery UI

Title: Pluralsight – jQuery Plugins & jQuery UI
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Scott Gonzalez, lead developer for jQuery UI, dives into patterns and practices for writing jQuery plugins and how you can make your plugins stateful. Scott covers many of the jQuery UI plugins in-depth, pointing out strengths and weaknesses as he sees them in the various plugins. He also covers how you can make your plugins stateful with the widget factory (the underlying framework for each of the jQuery UI widgets). Scott also gives an overview of themeroller and theming jQuery UI.

─01. Extending jQuery with Plugins
01. Anatomy of a Plugin.mp4
02. Plugin Tips.mp4
03. Extending Plugins.mp4
04. Safeguarding Plugins.mp4
05. Plugins & State.mp4

├02. jQuery UI Overview
01. jQuery UI Introduction.mp4
02. Draggable Plugins.mp4
03. Droppable Plugins.mp4
04. Resizable Plugins.mp4
05. Sortable Plugins.mp4
06. Accordion Widget.mp4
07. Autocomplete Widget.mp4
08. Button Widget.mp4
09. Datepicker Widget.mp4
10. Dialog Widget.mp4
11. Modal Dialogs.mp4
12. Progress Bar and Slider Widgets.mp4
13. Spinner Widget.mp4
14. Tabs Widget.mp4
15. Position Widget.mp4

├03. Widget Factory
01. Widget Factory Introduction.mp4
02. Widget Factory Methods.mp4
03. Advantages of the Widget Factory.mp4

└04. jQuery UI CSS Framework & ThemeRoller
01. jQuery UI CSS and the ThemeRoller.mp4

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