Pluralsight – Introduction to NuGet

Pluralsight - Introduction to NuGet
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This course is a basic introduction to NuGet. NuGet is a library and file dependency manager that is integrated into Visual Studio.

With NuGet, you can wrap any kind of file (EXE’s, DLL’s, js / html / css files, source code, etc.) In a NuGet Package. In addition to contained files, a NuGet Package contains meta-data that describes what your files do as well as any dependencies that may exist with other NuGet Packages. NuGet Packages are published to either public or private feeds. The official NuGet feed and gallery can be found at In this course, you will learn how to create and publish packages with the various NuGet Tools. In addition, you will learn how to host your own NuGet Feed and gallery.

Introduction 00:25:08
Introduction 02:30
Online Resources 06:45
Installing NuGet 03:34
Overview of Visual Studio Integration 06:56
Package Sources 05:23

Nuget Package Manager Dialog 00:31:23
Introduction 01:06
Overview and Review of the NuGet Package Manager Dialog 09:59
Navigating to Different NuGet Package Sources 02:21
Installing, Uninstalling and Updating NuGet Packages 11:54
Examining the Data Feed of the Official NuGet Package Source 06:03

NuGet Package Manager Console 00:25:55
Introduction 01:53
Overview of the NuGet Package Manager Dialog 02:18
Navigating to Different NuGet Package Sources 02:40
Ensuring your Environment is Properly Configured 11:06
Installing, Uninstalling and Updating NuGet Packages 05:19
Examining Data Feed of the Official NuGet Package Source 02:39

Creating Packages 00:30:26
Introduction 03:50
Downloading and Installing the Package Explorer 01:17
Introduction to the Package Explorer 03:03
Anatomy of an Existing Package 02:58
Creating a Simple Package 05:11
Creating a Package with Dependencies 10:30
Advanced Features in the Package Explorer 03:37

Publishing Packages 00:16:10
Introduction 01:52
Establshing a NuGet Account 02:40
Publishing via the NuGet Package Explorer 03:45
Introducing and Publishing with the NuGet Command Line Tool 07:53

Hosting Your Own NuGet Feed 00:25:08
Introduction 03:57
Installing NuGet.Server 03:02
Working with the local NuGet.Server 05:48
Using the Command Line Tool in Conjunction with NuGet.Server 04:50
Installing and Hosting Your Own NuGet Gallery 07:31

NuGet Community and Advanced Topics 00:20:35
Advanced Topics 15:45
NuGet Community 04:50

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