Pluralsight – Creating Concept Vehicles in Maya

Creating Concept Vehicles in Maya
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Learn an artist-oriented workflow for concept development, polygon modeling, lighting, and rendering. This course provides nearly seven hours of project-based training on conceptual vehicle-modeling for use in film, games, and design. It’s perfect for new and experienced artists. Popular highlights include: Conceptual Development; Solutions to Design Challenges; Polygon Modeling Techniques; Using Smooth Preview; Converting Smooth Preview to Polygons; Thumbnails to Complete Designs; Using 3D to Pre-visualize Models; Automotive Terminology and Design; Creating Creases with Edge Loops; Adding Realism with Detail; UV Mapping Techniques; Applying Chrome Surface Materials; Building Car Paint Materials; Creating Brushed Metal Effects; Using the Text tool; Rendering with Final Gather; Adding HDRI Lighting; Texture Creation in Photoshop; Creating Tiled Bump Map; Building Textures with UV Snapshots; Manipulating Edge Flow with Split Polygon Tool; Creating Fitted Panels; Adding Glowing Panels. Software required: Maya 2008 and up.

1. Working out rough designs on paper 8:06 2. Using 3d thumbnails to flesh out the design 4:47 3. Blocking in the main body of the car 10:00 4. Refining the rough shape of the car 11:37 5. Finishing the main shape of the car 10:55 6. Refining crease lines 11:47 7. Defining the front grill 10:27 8. Sharpening the crease lines 13:45 9. Cutting body panels apart 4:34 10. Creating grill insets 11:13 11. Creating wing insets 12:52 12. Building the scoops 5:04 13. Building the front wings 12:00 14. Finishing the wings 9:43 15. Detailing the canopy 8:30 16. Finishing the canopy 10:35 17. Shaping the engine 7:50 18. Detailing the engine 9:21 19. Adding external engine details 10:04 20. Finishing engine details 13:21 21. Adding scoop and vent interior detail 7:05 22. Building small front wings 7:28 23. Modeling the headlight area 14:09 24. Building the headlight details 10:11 25. Finishing the headlight details 15:58 26. Building the taillight area 6:50 27. Reusing geometry to finish the taillights 6:12 28. Detailing the wheels 11:23 29. Finishing the grill area 11:24 30. Building the interior 12:16 31. Finishing the back end 14:52 32. Adding finishing touches 18:40 33. Applying car paint materials 14:45 34. Setting up an HDRI dome 3:57 35. Adding a chrome material to the bright work 8:34 36. Continuing to add materials 13:00 37. Laying out Uvs 10:35 38. Creating the grill texture in Photoshop 4:56 39. Building the headlight texture 8:35 40. Creating the tire tread bump map 9:57 41. Rendering with Final Gather 5:41 Total Run Time: 6:51:52

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