Pluralsight – Courses in ASP.NET Part 2

Pluralsight - Courses in ASP.NET Part 2
[box style=”info”]Title: Pluralsight – Courses in ASP.NET Part 2
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An Introduction to the Microsoft Web Platform
A beginner’s first look at the Microsoft Web Platform. After an overview of the “big picture”, a series of demonstrations showcase different approaches to developing for the web.
ASP.NET MVC Scaffolding
Each version of ASP.NET MVC has seen an increase in developer productivity features. However, that reaches a whole new level with the addition of MVC Scaffolding. Whether you are an MVC newbie or an experienced MVC developer looking for an increase in productivity, MVC Scaffolding has something for you. This course will start with the basics and then dive into more advanced features of MVC Scaffolding that will allow you to develop applications with shocking speed, customized to the specific needs of your application. MVC Scaffolding is absolutely a tool that every MVC developer should have in their toolbox!
ASP.NET XML Reporting by Example
This module demonstrates a simple, practical technique to generate and display a custom report, using XML to store the results of the report, LINQ to XML to generate it, and declarative data binding in ASP.NET to display it.
Introduction to WebMatrix
In this course you will learn how to use WebMatrix to build and customize web sites. Aside from learning about the tool itself, you will learn how to create, access and manipulate data, how to work with ASP.NET Web Pages and the Razor syntax, and how to deploy your site when it is ready.
Orchard Fundamentals
This course introduces the Orchard Content Management System. Orchard is an open source, extensible CMS for the .Net platform built on ASP.Net MVC3, C#4 and the Razor view engine. This course will show you how to get started with Orchard, from setting up a new site, to customizing the theme and adding your own content.
Web Debugging by Example
Learn how to debug Web applications using automated memory dumps, and how to detect and fix web server CPU spikes.

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