[Update Links] Pluralsight – Configuring NAT and VPN’s Using Palo Alto Firewalls

Pluralsight – Configuring NAT and VPN’s Using Palo Alto Firewalls
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At the core of network-security engineering is a thorough knowledge of NAT translations and VPN connections. In this course, Configuring NAT and VPN’s Using Palo Alto Firewalls, you’ll learn how to shape traffic using Palo Alto’s Next Generation Firewall. First, you’ll learn how to configure various types of NAT. Next, you’ll explore how to deploy site-to-site VPNs using both pre-shared keys and digital certificates. Finally, you’ll discover how to set up remote access VPNs using GlobalProtect. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational knowledge of configuring NAT and VPNs on a Palo Alto firewall that will help you as you move forward to engineer enterprise network security. Software required: PAN-OS 8.1 (physical or virtual), Network Equipment (physical or virtual), Operating system (physical or virtual).

Changing IP Addresses Using Network Address Translation
Course Intro 2m
Overview of NAT and Why We Use It 3m
Types of NAT You Can Configure 7m
Flow Logic on the Palo Alto 4m
Configuring NAT on the Palo Alto Firewall
Introduction 4m
Configuring Static Source NAT 8m
Verifying NAT 3m
Configuring Dynamic NAT And DIPP 5m
Configuring Destination NAT 9m
Verifying NAT, Part II 4m
Configuring U-turn NAT and No-NAT 7m
Bidirectional NAT 2m
Understanding the Concepts of VPNs
Introduction 0m
VPN Basics 2m
IKE VPNs Using IPSec 7m
Route Base vs Policy Based VPNs 3m
Configuring S2S VPNs on the Palo Alto Firewall
Introduction 1m
Configuring a Site to Site VPN Overview 1m
Configuring a Site to Site VPN with a Palo Alto Firewall 8m
Using Certificates with Site to Site VPNs 3m
Configuring a Site to Site with a Cisco IOS Router 6m
Troubleshooting Site to Site VPNs 7m
Using Global Connect to Configure Remote Access VPNs
Introduction 1m
Global Protect Overview and Components 3m
Configuring GlobalProtect Prerequisites 4m
Configuring GlobalProtect Gateways 9m
Configuring GlobalProtect Portals 5m
Configuring Security Rules for GlobalProtect 2m
Connecting a Client to the VPN Using the GlobalProtect App 5m

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