Pluralsight – CloudKit Fundamentals

Pluralsight – CloudKit Fundamentals
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Data sharing is in demand! This course will teach you the basics of using Apple’s flagship framework for remote data storage and sharing. Learn to model, save, and query data, synchronize data across devices, handle errors, and deploy to production.

At the core of developing a seamless and collaborative data sharing experience for Apple’s platforms is a thorough knowledge of CloudKit. In this course, CloudKit Fundamentals, you’ll learn to leverage Apple’s flagship framework to achieve your app’s remote data storage and data sharing requirements. First, you’ll learn how to configure CloudKit in your Xcode project and how to save, query, update, and delete data that your users store in iCloud. Next, you’ll explore how to synchronize data across a user’s devices. Finally, you’ll discover how to handle CloudKit errors, test your app on physical devices, and deploy to production. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have a foundational knowledge of CloudKit that will help you provide a fluid, interactive data sharing experience.



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