Pluralsight – CATIA V5 Essentials – Revolve and Sweeps

Pluralsight – CATIA V5 Essentials – Revolve and Sweeps
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Have you ever wanted to create intricate 3D CAD models at a faster pace? Revolve and sweep modeling techniques are the easiest way to model non-geometrical shapes. In this course, CATIA V5 Essentials – Revolve and Sweeps, you’ll dive into learning some of those techniques in CATIA V5. First, you’ll learn techniques to create a 3D solid with the revolve functionality. Next, you’ll acquire skills to model intricate shapes using the sweep functionality. Finally, you’ll wrap up the course by spending sometime time learning the tools for thin features for 3D part modeling.

By the end of this course, you’ll gain the skills to model simple and complex design tasks in a short period of time. Software required: CATIA V5 2016.

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