Pluralsight – AWS DynamoDB Deep Dive

Pluralsight – AWS DynamoDB Deep Dive
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DynamoDB is one of the most widely-used databases in the world. In this deep dive course, you’ll begin by learning the basics of using DynamoDB, how to develop software that uses DynamoDB, and best practices when using DynamoDB.
With recent advancements in modern technologies, such as the sharp growth of the IoT sector, you need databases that allow handling load that is magnitudes higher than before. AWS DynamoDB is a NoSQL database that addresses these new challenges.
In this course, AWS DynamoDB Deep Dive, you’ll learn how to develop applications that fully utilize the power of DynamoDB and how to operate an existing DynamoDB database.

First, you’ll discover how to process a stream of updates to DynamoDB tables in real time. Next, you’ll explore how other AWS services integrate with DynamoDB, and how you can use them effectively. Finally, you’ll cover how to perform analytical queries, along with best practices. By the end of this course, you’ll have the necessary skills and knowledge to efficiently build applications utilizing DynamoDB.

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