Pluralsight – Algorithms and Data Structures – Part 2

Pluralsight - Algorithms and Data Structures - Part 2
[box style=”info”]Title: Pluralsight – Algorithms and Data Structures – Part 2
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In this course we will look at some advanced data structures and algorithms used in everyday applications. We will discuss the trade-offs involved with choosing each data structure and algorithm and see some real world usage examples. This is part 2 of a two-part series of courses covering algorithms and data structures. In this part we cover data sorting, string searching, sets, AVL trees and concurrency issues.

Sorting Algorithms 00:42:04
Introduction 00:58
Sorting Overview 02:58
Bubble Sort 06:26
Insertion Sort 05:01
Selection Sort 05:08
Merge Sort 07:41
Quick Sort 06:09
Sorting Demo Overview 01:13
Sorting Demo 04:34
Summary 01:56
Set Collection and Algorithms 00:22:12
Introduction 00:52
Set Overview 01:08
The Set Class 03:26
Union 02:34
Intersection 01:38
Set Difference 02:16
Symmetric Difference 02:21
Sample Application 03:38
Other Implementations 02:09
Summary 02:10
AVL Tree 00:41:08
Introduction 01:00
Binary and AVL Trees 03:11
Unbalanced Trees 02:37
Balanced Trees 04:09
Balanced Insertion 01:52
Balanced Deletion 01:52
AVL Tree Class Overview 03:05
AVL Tree Properties 04:26
Node Rotation Introduction 00:53
Which Rotation Algorithm? 01:40
Rotation Algorithms 08:24
Demo: Visualizing AVL Trees 06:22
Summary 01:37
String Searching Algorithms 00:22:59
Introduction 01:15
API Overview 01:13
Naive Search 05:51
Naive Search Performance 01:04
Boyer-Moore-Horspool Search 04:00
Boyer-Moore-Horspool Example 03:08
Boyer-Moore-Horspool Code 01:14
Boyer-Moore-Horspool Performance 00:55
Demo: Search and Replace 03:15
Summary 01:04
Collection Concurrency 00:21:48
Introduction 00:48
Multi-Threaded Overview 07:23
Caller Synchronization 05:57
Monitor Synchronization 01:36
Reader Writer Lock Synchronization 01:53
.NET Framework Concurrent Collections 02:34
Summary 01:37


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