Penetration Testing: Advanced Web Testing | LinkedIn

Penetration Testing: Advanced Web Testing | LinkedIn
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Websites are one of the most vulnerable pieces of technology, since their contents are exposed on the internet. By understanding how attackers locate and exploit these vulnerabilities, you can help build more secure websites and applications. This course shows you how to perform advanced web testing using Burp Suite, the professional pen testing framework. Instructor Malcolm Shore also introduces other scanning tools for finding hidden webpages and other nonstandard attack vectors, such as Nessus, Whatweb, Dirbuster, DirScanner, DIRB, Wfuzz, IronWasp, and WebInspect. Malcolm explains how to zero in on vulnerabilities and intercept messages, integrating tools like sqlmap and Nikto. He covers how to attack a site using uploaded shell files, SQL injection, and login circumvention. Plus, Malcolm shares different approaches for JavaScript, PHP, and Jenkins-based sites, as well as techniques for penetrating content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla.

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