Pearson Windows 10 Exam 70-698 Installing and Configuring Windows 10 LiveLessons

Pearson Windows 10 Exam 70-698 Installing and Configuring Windows 10 LiveLessons
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Lesson 1: Installing Windows 10
Learning objectives (or Topics)
1.1 Plan Your Windows 10 Installation–Part 1
1.2 Plan Your Windows 10 Installation–Part 2
1.3 Perform a Windows 10 Installation
1.4 Install Windows on a VHD and USB
Lesson 2: Performing Post-Installation Configuration
Learning objectives (or Topics)
2.1 Manage Drivers
2.2 Manage Driver Packages
2.3 Customize the User Interface
2.4 Configure Microsoft Edge
2.5 Configure Internet Explorer
2.6 Configure Power Settings

Lesson 3: Implementing Windows 10 in an Enterprise Environment
Learning objectives (or Topics)
3.1 Provision with the Windows Configuration Designer Tool
3.2 Manage Windows Activation
3.3 Configure Active Directory–Part 1
3.4 Configure Active Directory–Part 2
3.5 Manage User Account Control (UAC)
Lesson 4: Configuring Network Settings
Learning objectives (or Topics)
4.1 Configure and Support IPv4 Network Settings
4.2 Configure and Support IPv6 Network Settings
4.3 Configure Name Resolution
4.4 Connect to a Network
4.5 Manage WiFi Networks
4.6 Manage Windows Firewall
4.7 Configure VPNs
4.8 Configure DirectAccess
4.9 Troubleshoot Network Issues
Lesson 5: Configuring Storage, Data Access and Usage
Learning objectives (or Topics)
5.1 Manage Disks–Part 1
5.2 Manage Disks Part 2
5.3 Create and Configure Storage Spaces
5.4 Manage Removable Devices
5.5 Manage Shared Resources
5.6 Manage File System Permissions
5.7 Manage OneDrive
5.8 Troubleshoot Storage, Data Access and Usage
Lesson 6: Implementing Apps
Learning objectives (or Topics)
6.1 Configure Desktop Apps
6.2 Configure Startup Options
6.3 Configure Windows Features
6.4 Manage Microsoft Store Apps
6.5 Manage Apps with Provisioning Packages
Lesson 7: Performing Remote and Advanced Management
Learning objectives (or Topics)
7.1 Common Management Tasks
7.2 Implement Remote Management
7.3 Configure Remote Desktop
7.4 Implement Remote Management with Windows PowerShell
Lesson 8: Managing and Monitoring Windows
Learning objectives (or Topics)
8.1 Monitor Windows
8.2 Manage Windows Performance
8.3 Manage Security
Lesson 9: Configuring Authorization and Authentication
Learning objectives (or Topics)
9.1 Configure Authentication Options
9.2 Manage Homegroups
9.3 Manage Workgroups and Domains
9.4 Implement Accounts
9.5 Configure Additional Security Settings
Lesson 10: Configuring Hyper-V
Learning objectives (or Topics)
10.1 Implement Hyper-V
10.2 Configure Hyper-V
Lesson 11: Managing Updates and Recovery
Learning objectives (or Topics)
11.1 Configure File Recovery–Part 1
11.2 Configure File Recovery–Part 2
11.3 Configure System Recovery–Part 1
11.4 Configure System Recovery–Part 2
11.5 Manage Updates

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