PBS – Hitler’s Circle of Evil (2018)

PBS – Hitler’s Circle of Evil (2018)
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This is the story of the rise and fall of the Third Reich told like the drama it really was: through the personal relationships of the movers and shakers of the Nazi Party.

Ch1. Heroes and Misfits
Warheroes, unsatisfied workers, a rich playwright, and the mysterious veteran Adolf Hitler start a movement based on mythology and racism.

Ch2. Regrouping
It’s 1923, Hitler is imprisoned and he has little support. His career seems at an end until he and Rudolf Hess think of a new way to get power.

Ch3. The Fall of Rohm
he financial crisis in the USA makes the Nazis look good. But in order to keep their new supporters they need to cleanse the party.

Ch4. The Rise of Anti-Semitism
Himmler, Goebbels and Goring fight for their position within in the party while its influence grows in Germany.

Ch5. The Berghof Set
As the Third Reich prepares for war, ruthless infighting divides the leadership of the Nazi-party, Rudolph Hess, Herman Goring and Joseph Goebbels are all vying to be the Fuhrer’s favorite. But then a new player steps onto the scene. Martin Bormann, a little known party-organizer, is intent on crushing all his rivals. With fox-like cunning he willingly takes charge of the rebuilding of Hitler’s mountain retreat, because he is shrewd enough to see this could be his ticket to the big time.

Ch6. The Madness of Rudolf Hess
As Germany invades Poland and sparks World War II, loyal Deputy Fuhrer Rudolph Hess tries to reclaim his once lofty status among Hitler’s senior staff.

Ch7. The Rise and Fall of Reinhard Heydrich
SS head Heinrich Himmler orders his deputy Reinhard Heydrich to enact a plan of ethnic cleansing that becomes a blueprint for the Holocaust.

Ch8. The Rise of the Sycophants
At a critical juncture of the war in 1942, Germany’s manufacturing capacity is strained and Hitler turns not to a general but architect Albert Speer.

Ch9. Beginning of the End
As the war fails, the inner circle responds with strategies to save itself, from plotting the Fuhrer’s assassination to negotiating with the Allies.

Ch10. Meltdown
Exit strategies are put into action by the members of the inner circle when the Allies surround the capitol and Hitler perishes by his own hand.

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