Patreon – Featured in ELLE Magazine with Johannes Lindqvist

Patreon – Featured in ELLE Magazine with Johannes Lindqvist
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Honestly though, that’s not my real name. My name is Johannes Lindqvist, but feel free to call me Jojo.

And this is my Patreon page. Welcome!
I’m a self-employed 3D generalist specializing in photo realistic spatial renderings of architecture and products, but also some automotive and other fun stuff that cross my path. In my luggage I have a fairly long employment at IKEA, which is where my 3D career started, as well as having been keynote speaker at some of the biggest 3D conferences in Europe, D2 Conferences in Vienna, State of Art Academy in Venice, and Architectural Visualisation Days in Gothenburg. Today I’m self-employed, Co-Founder of the studio Illusive Images, and developing some new cool services together with a dear friend of mine, Martin. Give his Patreon page a visit and take a look at what he’s up to.

Why Patreon?
I love sharing. And teaching. And I’ve realized that one of the greatest ways to learn new things is to teach them. Since I started this Patreon page, I have gained so many new experiences, and got to know so many amazing people. I really believe I have evolved in the same pace as my Patrons have, and I intend to keep going down that road, evolving this page into something more complete! I’ve always wanted to contribute to the development of our industry, to help push things forward, and running this channel I believe is a great way to do that, even though in a small scale, and also get some compensation for the efforts.

So what will you get from subscribing to my Patreon page?
Mainly video lectures, both short ones and longer series, where I explain my workflows, techniques, and maybe most important of them all, my failures. I’m using 3Ds Max and FStorm, along with some other softwares, but I know that with some general knowledge, you can easily follow along with any other software packages. Additionally, I’m also making videos and articles about other topics not specifically relating these softwares. That could be HDRI photography, photogrammetry techniques, hardware and so on.
You will also gain access to 3D models that I produce, as well as some of my working files like scenes and post processing files.

Happy to see you on board!

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