Password Cracking, Hacking, & Security – Web Applications | Udemy

Password Cracking, Hacking, & Security – Web Applications | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
Learn multiple password hacking techniques
Learn countermeasures that can be taken to protect your passwords
Create more secure passwords
Secure your own password from hackers
Expand your knowledge in Information Technology and Information Security
Impress your friends, colleagues, employer, or clients
Learn hacking
You would be an ethical password hacker who is capable of performing Password Penetration Tests

Welcome to your Password Cracking, Hacking, & Security course! Throughout this course, you will learn techniques that hackers could use to attack and compromise your passwords. You will learn about password attacks and common password cracking tools. You will also discover just how easy a cyber criminal could break into your own accounts. Furthermore, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of password security. After understanding how a hacker thinks and performs an attack, you will instantly be able to create more secure passwords and better defend yourself against hackers. You will learn the importance of security along with highly desired skills that could boost your career. How would you like to land a job that pays you to ethically hack and perform penetration tests from your very own house?

Do you value the privacy of your passwords? Imagine the comforting feeling that your password is more secure from password attacks because you know how to test the strength of your own passwords using the amazing skills that you learned in this course. Act now to protect your accounts and passwords before it is too late and you become victim to another attack.

Note: The words “cracking” and “hacking” used in this course refers to ethical cracking and ethical hacking and do not promote any illegal activity. You are responsible for obeying all laws and you are accountable for your actions. Information discussed throughout this course is for educational and research purposes only.

Who this course is for:
Anyone interested in expanding their security knowledge
Individuals wanting to learn password ethical hacking
Anyone interested in learning password penetration testing
Anyone looking to start or further their career in security
Security Enthusiasts
Ethical Hackers
Anyone wanting to learn how a hacker could attack their passwords
Anyone wanting to secure their own passwords

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