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Palo Alto PCNSA Certification | Udemy
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What you’ll learn
PCNSA Administrator Certification.
Palo Alto SP3 Architecture.
Security Policies, when and how to apply them.
Understanding of the default staple features of the Next Gen firewall.
Practice Exam

The PCNSA certification shows that you have the proven ability to configure and understand the Palo Alto Networks next generation firewall platform PAN-OS.

This course adheres to the course blueprint and draws on the experience gained whilst obtaining this certification and working with Palo Alto Networks platforms in large enterprises.

You will learn to identify the core components of the Palo Alto NGFW and configure the various features to secure an environment using the Strata line of products.

To pass the exam and receive the certification you will need to demonstrate a knowledge of the technologies that make up the PAN-OS software and the use cases for those technologies,

We will learn about User-ID (identifying traffic by user not by source IP) Application-ID and Content-ID (securing by application and ensuring that application stays the same and the content is not malicious), we will touch on the supporting platforms as well such as Panorama enterprise management platform that although is not covered in depth in the course you will require an understanding of its uses,

remote access is covered in the Globalprotect section and we will see how Globalprotect feeds into the User-ID and how that not only benefits the creation of security policies but also allows for more precise reporting and being able to track down and neutralise malicious activity and breaches quickly and effectively.

Who this course is for:
Anybody wanting to pursue the Palo Alto Networks PCNSA certification.

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