A Cloud Guru – Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks

A Cloud Guru – Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks-SKiLLUP
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Hello Cloud Gurus!
There is so much data out there, just waiting to be analyzed, but have you ever wondered how much easier it could be to interpret if you just had a way to visualize these datasets in an interactive way? If only there was a tool that could help us import a data set, transform it, perform calculations, analyze and visualize it, then document these processes and steps along the way so it can be shared with others. Well, that is exactly what Jupyter Notebook will allow you to do. [Read more…]

David Zaleski – FBA Academy

David Zaleski – FBA Academy
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David Zaleski is an entrepreneur, Amazon seller, podcast host, and Co-Founder of EcomHub. He’s been operating in the eCommerce space since the age of 14 years old. At the age of 18, he started his own Amazon business with just $4.8k in startup capital, and grew it to over $2.5M in sales over the span of just four years. Since then, he’s helped dozens of sellers successfully start selling on Amazon, and thousands more through his podcast and YouTube channel. He’s consulted with 8-figure ecommerce brands and was featured on Tai Lopez Knowledge Society & multiple Amazon podcasts. [Read more…]

PluralSight – Implementing The 20 CIS Critical Security Controls

PluralSight – Implementing The 20 CIS Critical Security Controls-REBAR
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A question familiar to every information security professional is, “where do I start?” The CIS Controls get to the heart of the information security problem, putting security professionals in a position to make immediate and meaningful progress early in an information security program. In this course, Implementing the 20 CIS Critical Security Controls, you will find a practical framework to manage information security risks. First, you will learn about the history and purpose of the CIS controls. Next, you will learn about implementation groups to better understand the controls and sub-controls that make sense for your organization to implement. Finally, you will be equipped with 20 controls and over 170 sub-controls that can be customized to meet your organization’s unique security requirements. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the fundamental knowledge to address a majority of information security risks in your organization. [Read more…]

PluralSight – MySQL Fundamentals

PluralSight – MySQL Fundamentals-REBAR
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MySQL is a popular choice of database for use in web applications, and is a central component of the widely used LAMP open source web application software stack. This course covers the fundamentals of MySQL, including how to install MySQL as well as write basic data retrieval and data modification queries. [Read more…]

Marvel Week+ (05-20-2020)

Marvel Week+ (05-20-2020)
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2020 Ironheart #1 (of 2)

Amazing Spider-Man & Mary Jane – The Variant Covers #1

Bring on the Bad Guys – The Variant Covers #1

Hawkeye: Freefall (2020-) #5
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PluralSight – Time Management For Technical Professionals

PluralSight – Time Management For Technical Professionals-REBAR
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The mission of this course is to cover, in detail, all aspects of time management. It starts from the core principles, moves on to techniques, then covers communication, be it with self through goal setting or with others through effective meetings. After the essentials of the course are dealt with, we then move on to the micro, management of self, covering willpower, habit creation, and your comfort zone. There are also adjacent topics that impact productivity that are mentioned like exercise, nutrition, stress, and sleep. In addition to all of this, the course also contains a list of software that you can use to boost your productivity and implement efficiently your new skills. [Read more…]