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Learn about the security capabilities that .NET provides out of the box, how they work, and how to implement them properly
With the growing need for cybersecurity across the world, developers who have mastered cyber resilience get ahead. Secure coding in ASP.NET is an instrumental pathway for all developers who wish to build secure and cyber-resilient software. This course will enable you as a professional to execute secure coding practices, identify vulnerabilities in the code, remediate identified weaknesses, design with security in mind, and build effective security controls to protect against breaches and malicious hackers.

You will learn about ASP.NET security fundamentals, security features, common approaches to secure development and methodologies, common technical vulnerabilities, design flaws, and business logic issues. You will master the tools and skills needed in order to secure software early in the SLDC, such as identifying common vulnerabilities (SQL Injections, IDOR, XSS, Command Injection, and more!), applying world-famous tools to aid you in building secure software, automating security tests, planning remediation efforts, and integrating best practices in all development efforts.

By the end of the course, you will be able to execute secure coding practices like a professional.

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Title: Writing Secure Code in ASPDotNET
Publisher: Packt
Category: Web Development
Size: 2496M
Files: 11F
Date: 2021-09-01
Course #: 9781803246123
Published: Packt
Updated: N/A
Author: Cyber Academy
Duration: 5 hours 58 minutes

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