Packt – The Complete Javascript Course: Build a Professional Project

Packt – The Complete Javascript Course: Build a Professional Project
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This course has been designed using a robust structure that will take you from zero skills to a job-ready Javascript developer. It is the most comprehensive Javascript course in the market. It contains 15 highly-structured sections distributed over 26 hours of content and 220 lectures, including crystal clear presentations, coding exercises, and a full professional real-life project: This course covers everything you need to stand out when applying for a JS developer job. You will learn the basicsincluding variables and data types, conditional and looping, functions part 1, (first class functions, statements vs expressions, immediately invoked function expressions, and so on). You’ll study objects 1, including: object literals, prototypes, equality, constructors, JSON, DOM (event handling, the event object, debouncing, event propagation, event delegation, single threaded JavaScript, an so on).Then you’ll move to advanced concepts such as execution context, hoisting, ‘this’, scope chain, closures(including updating outer variables, iterations, closures with event loops); objects 2 (encapsulation and information hiding includingusing closures to hide information, using IIFE to create private static properties and methods); objects 3 (inheritance and prototype chain, including class augmentation and object cloning); singleton and modular design patterns (including: name-spacing and on) and functions 2, including the ‘arguments’ property,function,prototype, call and so on.

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