Packt – Spring 5.0 Project: Building a Travel Website

Packt – Spring 5.0 Project: Building a Travel Website[/b]
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Video Description

Two main themes for Spring 5.0 projects are Reactive Programming and Microservices. The most significant change in the upcoming Spring 5.0 is the introduction of Reactive Programming, so reactive-style programming is used throughout the course. And since Microservice are the current buzzword, and Spring Boot is the most popular Microservice framework in the World, one volume will be dedicated to introducing Spring Boot and Spring Cloud in order to write the actual microservices.

We will build a fake travel site that will gradually take shape as we move on to each section. We’ll start off by introducing the basics of Spring Framework, including bean lifecycles, Dependency Injection, AOP, and Spring Data. Then we’ll introduce Reactive Programming in Spring 5, so you’ll be ready to build the service layer for the travel site.In the further sections, you will learn to build the presentation layer, called Spring MVC.Here, we will start with Spring Boot, the Microservice framework based on Spring.

By the end of the course, you will have built a couple of microservices for the Travel site using Spring Boot. We will make it as “Cloud Native” using Spring Cloud that helps to adopt the patterns like config server, circuit breaker, service discovery and etc.

Style and Approach

A project-based course that will enable you to delve into the advanced features of Spring 5.0. It will help you increase your level of expertise and get acquainted with Reactive Programming and the new microservice scenarios you come across on a day-to-day basis.

What You Will Learn

Take advantage of all the features of Spring Framework 5.0
Use Reactive streams to build a robust backend
Get acquainted with major Reactive Programming and the new Micro-services scenarios
Implement Spring MVC in your apps and integrate it
Integrate with 3rd party tools such as Angular 2, AOP, Spring Security, and Spring Microservices for a beautiful frontend design
Create a robust and scalable microservice-based application on Spring Cloud, using Spring Boot

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