Packt Publishing – Getting Started with Cloud-Native Python

Packt Publishing – Getting Started with Cloud-Native Python
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Businesses today are evolving so rapidly that having their own infrastructure to support their expansion is not feasible. As a result, they have been resorting to the elasticity of the cloud to provide a platform to build and deploy their highly scalable applications.This video will be the one stop for you to learn all about building cloud-native architectures in Python. It will begin by introducing you to cloud-native architecture and will help break it down for you. Then you’ll learn how to build microservices in Python using REST APIs in an event-driven approach and you will build the web layer.

It’s a practical video: we’re going to build everything using Python 3 and its amazing tooling ecosystem.

What You Will Learn
• Concepts of Cloud-Native Python
• Understand the twelve-factor app
• Python concepts
• Building microservices
• Testing the RESTful API
• Creating application users
• Creating tweets from users

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