Packt Publishing – Back-End Web Development using Go

Packt Publishing – Back-End Web Development using Go
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Go is one of the hottest and fastest growing languages on the block, mainly because it is lightweight, easy to use, and displays great robustness when performing in a variety of domains. Scores of developers have been learning how to harness its power to create solid backends for their applications, but there has always been a gap in learning material for client-side development in Go, which has limited developers’ skills. This course will bridge that gap by telling you everything you need to know so you can build production-grade applications.

In this course, we teach you how to develop back-end web applications using Go. You will learn to build various applications and also use microservices. We start off by showing you how to create and render server-side templates and handle requests. Moving on, you’ll see how to implement web forms and process file uploads. Next, we’ll thoroughly examine data persistence and show you how to save data to a wide variety of popular databases and data stores. Finally, we cover authentication, session management, and end the section with an introduction to asynchronous queues.

What You Will Learn
• Render server-side templates
• Create server-side templates for the GopherFace web application
• Build web form validation and processing
• Create functionality to upload and process images and videos
• Explore data persistence in-depth (database, datastore, and caching systems)
• Create Restful APIs
• Build functionality for user authentication and session management
• Create a login form that uses an authentication microservice
• Make an asynchronous queue with Go

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