Packt Publishing – Azure Functions – Essentials

Packt Publishing – Azure Functions – Essentials
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This step-by-step approach explains the different features of Azure Functions with reference to a real-world application related to a specific domain. You will learn an easy way to connect to your business requirements with the most popular communication services such as SendGrid (for email) and Twilio (for SMS).

Microsoft provides a solution you can use to easily run small segments of code in the Cloud: Azure Functions. Azure Functions provides solutions for processing data, integrating systems, and building simple APIs and microservices. The course starts with intermediate-level videos on cloud application development, along with configuring notifications using the SendGrid and Twilio services and the key features of Azure Functions. Then, you’ll delve into the core aspects of Azure Functions (such as the services it provides and how you can develop and write Azure functions) and explore continuous integration and continuous deployment with Visual Studio Team Services. By the end of this video, you will have all the skills required to work with serverless code architectures, thus providing continuous delivery to your users.

What You Will Learn
• Develop different event-based handlers supported by the serverless architecture from the
Microsoft Cloud Platform: Azure
• Integrate Azure Functions with different Azure Services to develop enterprise-level
• Develop Azure Functions using Visual Studio along with regular development features

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