Packt Publishing – Angular Fundamentals with TypeScript

Packt Publishing – Angular Fundamentals with TypeScript
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This video teaches you how to leverage the exciting features of Angular and TypeScript while working on the Angular framework. At the beginning of the course, you will be introduced into TypeScript where you will install and run TypeScript compiler, and you will learn the basics of TypeScript language, and do a bunch of practical examples with variables, arrays, functions, and so on. Next, you will start working with Angular, you will install Angular-CLI, and do first “hello world” using Angular-CLI.

Then, you will work with components and events where you will create your first component, and you will learn how to listening to the events. Following that, you will learn the basics of Angular Directives and you will create your own. Going forward you will learn and create an interactive form with Angular Reactive Forms and you will learn how to add form validation. Next, you will learn what is a dependency injection, you will create and inject a service into a component and into another service.

Then you will go through Angular Routing, you will create a simple application routing, you will learn how to add Router navigation links and how to handle routes. Following that, you will work with real hosted data where you will replace mocked data with remote data using Angular HTTP module. At the end of this course, you will learn how you can easily debug your code and run tests with Angular-CLI.

What You Will Learn
• What Angular components are and how to create them
• How to write better code with directives
• Move from loose types to predictable strict types
• Create new Angular project using CLI
• Build simple and fully interactive forms in Angular
• Create simple page routing in Angular
• Learn how to debug code with useful tools
• Replace mocked data with remote data with Angular HttpClient

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