Packt – Getting started with SELinux System Administration

Packt – Getting started with SELinux System Administration
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Do you have the crucial job of protecting your private and company systems from malicious attacks and undefined application behavior? Are you looking to secure your Linux systems with improved access controls? Look no further, intrepid administrator! This course will show you how to enhance your system’s secure state across Linux distributions, helping you keep application vulnerabilities at bay. This video course covers the core SELinux concepts and shows you how to leverage SELinux to improve the protection measures of a Linux system. You will learn the SELinux fundamentals and all of SELinux’s configuration handles including conditional policies, constraints, policy types, and audit capabilities. These topics are paired with genuine examples of situations and issues you will probably come across as an administrator.

What You Will Learn
• Analyze SELinux events and selectively enable or disable SELinux enforcement
• Manage Linux users and associate them with the right role and permission set
• Secure network communications through SELinux access controls
• Tune full-service flexibility by dynamically assigning resource labels

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