Packt – Complete Bash Shell Scripting-XQZT

Packt – Complete Bash Shell Scripting-XQZT
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Manage system administrator tasks with ease by mastering Bash shell scripting techniques
Many organizations favor Bash scripts for executing shell commands, running and customizing administrative tasks, automating repetitive tasks, and performing many more Linux and Unix functions. Having Bash scripting skills will make you stand out from your peers and will help you to advance in your automation career. With this course, you’ll learn Bash shell scripting in detail and understand how to apply the acquired skills confidently in the real world.

Starting with an introduction to Bash shell scripting, the course takes you through the process of installing Ubuntu on Windows 10. You’ll also learn to install Docker on an Ubuntu Server and understand the basic steps to write and execute shell scripts. Once you’ve become familiar with redirection operators and explored commands such as grep, cut, awk, tr, and tee, you’ll write a simple script to get to grips with using the echo command, variables, strings, comments, and debugging. The course also covers input and output commands, arithmetic operators, conditional statements, arrays, and loops and demonstrates how to schedule jobs. You’ll work with remote servers, functions, the printf command, and the sed command and discover what awk scripting is. Finally, you’ll put your knowledge to practice by designing a simple digital clock and automating multiple server inventory using shell scripts.

By the end of this course, you’ll have become well-versed in Bash shell scripting and developed the skills to automate repetitive tasks. All the codes and supporting files for this course are available at –

Author: Narendra Kumar Reddy Polu
Duration: 18 hours 21 minutes

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