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This is the code repository for C++ 20 (2a) New Features [Video], published by Packt. It contains all the supporting project files necessary to work through the video course from start to finish.
C++ is popular for its incredible performance and suitability for operating systems, games, embedded software, and more. This course gets you up-to-date with the very latest components in C++20/C++2a so you can harness its new enhancements and get ahead of the game by leveraging its features! We cover what C++20/C++2a is and the current standardization status. We also discover some new syntactic sugars that enable you to write shorter but more powerful code. You’ll learn about the new and improved ranges and iterators, explore key examples of filter stacking, and learn how ranges simplify iterator-heavy code. Crucially, you’ll master how to migrate to C++20/C++2a in the easiest possible way, and why you should! C++20/C++2a brings new features to the synchronization library, including atomic smart pointers, latchers, and barriers. We review its all-new coroutines (a major concept found in other leading programming languages that simplifies writing code for parallel execution). By the end of the course, you’ll use up-to-date insights into the full features of C++20/C++2a to facilitate efficient and fast coding within your own projects.
What You Will Learn
Migrate a project on older versions of C++ to C++20/C++2a
Code more efficiently with string and numbers
New and better ways to work with string formatting using the new std::format in C++20/C++2a
Implement the new comparison operator on the core language and use a custom example in user-defined types
Discover newly improved synchronization and thread coordination, including support for efficient atomic waiting, lock-free integral types, and more
Use concepts to perform compile-time validation of template arguments and perform function dispatches based on type properties

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