packt – Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) Essentials

packt – Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) Essentials
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What is Blockchain?
How does Blockchain work?
What is Bitcoin?
What is Ethereum?
What are Cryptocurrencies?
How do Cryptocurrencies work?
Alternative cryptocurrencies
Cryptography basics
In Detail

Learn everything there is to know about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies from Bitcoin through Ethereum to Ripple. Featuring a step-by-step process to explain every facet of these topics. Gain a good understanding of the following concepts with this course: What is Blockchain? How does Blockchain work? What is Bitcoin? What is Ethereum? What are cryptocurrencies? How do Cryptocurrencies work? This course also covers alternative cryptocurrencies and cryptography basics. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are fast becoming a worldwide Tour de Force that is taking all markets and industries by storm. This course will ensure you are not left behind in what is the greatest revolution and evolution in technology and economics of our time and maybe even of all time. You will learn to use and leverage the powerful technology behind these amazing and wonderful platforms.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 : Introduction
What is Blockchain? 00:15:24
Centralized vs Decentralized vs Distributed Systems 00:11:56
Is Blockchain Truly Decentralized and Distributed? 00:08:13
Structure of a Block 00:09:52
What is a Hash? 00:08:18
What are Merkle Trees? 00:08:24
What Is a Ledger? 00:05:32
History of Blockchain 00:20:52
Why use Blockchain? 00:09:40
What Are Cryptocurrencies? 00:09:26
What Is Cryptography? 00:08:56
Chapter 2 : Bitcoin
What Is Bitcoin? 00:11:34
Advantages and Disadvantages Compared To Fiat Currency 00:10:40
What Is Bitcoin Mining? 00:11:47
What Are Mining Pools/Farms? 00:07:49
What Is A Bitcoin Wallet? 00:05:44
What Is A Bitcoin Exchange? 00:08:40
How Is The Price of Bitcoin Determined? 00:06:43
How to Use Bitcoin? 00:10:21
What Is Bitcoin Cash and How Does It Differ To Bitcoin? 00:11:11
What Is SegWit2x? 00:16:21
Soft Fork vs Hard Fork 00:08:29
Chapter 3 : Ethereum
What Is Ethereum & How Does It Differ To Bitcoin? 00:09:36
Advantages and Disadvantages Compared To Bitcoin 00:09:50
Ethereum vs Ethereum Classic 00:08:39
Chapter 4 : Ripple
Ripple 00:10:28
Advantages and Disadvantages Compared To Bitcoin 00:10:05
Chapter 5 : Other Popular Cryptocurrencies
Litecoin 00:05:43
Dash 00:11:52
Monero 00:11:05
Why Should I Just Not Use Bitcoin? 00:09:27
Chapter 6 : Law and Regulation
Monetary Policy 00:11:19
Tax Regulations 00:12:26
Illegal Activities 00:09:44
Electronic Fund Transfer Act 00:11:27
Chapter 7 : Other Uses of Blockchain
Education 00:15:28
Retail 00:20:37
Health Industry 00:17:52
Business 00:10:26
Governance 00:11:52
Last Will and Testament 00:11:46
Blood Diamonds 00:06:18
Housing 00:14:51
Proof of Ownership/Identity 00:10:40
Data Storage 00:12:43
Chapter 8 : Advanced
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) 00:10:50
2007/2008 Crisis 00:18:29
Cypherpunks 00:17:49
History of FIAT Currency 00:12:51
DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) 00:12:41
Chapter 9 : Updates
27th December 2017 – Bitcoin Update 00:05:47
9th January 2018 – Ripple Update 00:11:03

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