Packt – Automate Application with Specflow and Selenium WebDriver C Sharp

Packt – Automate Application with Specflow and Selenium WebDriver C Sharp-XQZT
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Learn BDD with SpecFlow (based on Gherkin) and Selenium WebDriver with C# along with an Intro to UnitTesting and TDD with TestStack.White

SpecFlow is a framework that brings Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) into life. It is all about filling the gap between technical people and domain experts. SpecFlow is based on the Gherkin language. So, non-technical people can write executable documentation on their own.

Selenium is a framework that drives browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and more). In other words, with the power of Selenium, you can write a program that automatically interacts with elements on a web page.

TestStack.White (sometimes, written called teststack white) is a framework drives WinForms and WPF applications.

This course covers:

•Theoretical background behind different types of testing (unit, integration, and acceptance testing)

•SpecFlow: generating steps, running and debugging tests, passing parameters, scenario outlines, data tables, converting parameters, converting data tables, custom conversions, sharing data, categorizing tests, scoped execution, hooks, and other features

•Selenium WebDriver: Locators, XPath locators, CSS locators, interacting with all element types, timeouts (explicit and implicit), locator priorities, picking scenarios to Test, the Page Object design pattern, the Page Object factory, uploading files, and more

•Scraping a live website with Selenium WebDriver

•Selenium Extras: managing a web browser

•TestStack.White and building a WPF app by TDD (with MVVM)

•Appendices: intro to unit testing and test-driven development

All the codes and supporting files for this course are available at –

Automate websites and write reliable automation code with Selenium
Learn to write business-readable automated tests and maintainable tests with SpecFlow and apply a test-driven approach to grow software
A practical course designed for middle-level developers who require a proficiency in C#
Course Length 13 hours 31 minutes
ISBN 9781800208964
Date Of Publication 28 Feb 2020

More Information
Build end-to-end tests to grow reliable software
TestStack.White and building a WPF app by TDD (with MVVM)
Appendices: intro to unit testing and Test-Driven Development
Automate WPF applications

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