Packt – Apache Kafka Series – Kafka Monitoring and Operations

Packt – Apache Kafka Series – Kafka Monitoring and Operations
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This course helps you learn Kafka administration, Kafka monitoring, Kafka operations, and Kafka upgrades. It covers the following topics:
Administration for Apache Kafka

Setup UI tools such as Kafka Manager, Zoo Navigator, and Kafka Monitor to get a full view of your cluster
Understand basic operations you can perform with these tools
Monitoring for Apache Kafka

A Kafka that is not monitored is a ticking time-bomb.
Set up proper monitoring for Kafka and Zookeeper
Store your metrics in Prometheus and visualize them in Grafana
Operations for Apache Kafka

Perform the most common and difficult operations in your Apache Kafka cluster
Roll-restart your brokers in only one command
Update Kafka configurations safely with no downtime
Rebalance partitions and change the replication factor of your topics
Add, replace, and remove brokers.
Upgrades for Apache Kafka

Understand the subtlety of upgrading a Kafka cluster
Step-by-step explanations on upgrading a cluster with no downtime

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