Packt – Android Design Patterns and Best Practices – Volume 2

Packt – Android Design Patterns and Best Practices – Volume 2
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Are you an Android developer with some experience under your belt? Are you wondering how the experts create efficient and good-looking apps? Then your wait will end with this video! We will teach you about different Android development patterns that will enable you to write clean code and make your app stand out from the crowd.

The video starts by introducing the Android development environment and exploring the support libraries. You will gradually explore the different design and layout patterns and get to know the best practices of how to use them together. You’ll then develop an application that will help you grasp activities, services, and broadcasts and their roles in Android development.

Moving on, you will add user-detecting classes and APIs such as gesture detection touch screen listeners and sensors to your app. You will also learn to adapt your app to run on tablets and other devices and platforms, including Android Wear, auto, and TV. Finally, you will see how to connect your app to social media.

What You Will Learn
• Inflate nested UI
Apply transitions and shared elements to use minimal screen space
• Store and retrieve persistent data
• Demonstrate the workings of Android wear
• Socialize in the digital word by connecting your app to social media
• Make your apps available to the largest possible audience with the AppCompat support library
• Maximize potential app users

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