Orhan Ergun – Self-Paced CCDE Course

Orhan Ergun – Self-Paced CCDE Course
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This is a self-paced CCDE v2.1 Training Program which helps you to pass CCDE Written and CCDE Practical exams.

If you have CCNA level knowledge, you can start Self Paced CCDE Training with our program !You will learn the below technologies and also you will understand how to use those in Service Provider, Enterprise, Datacenter and Mobile Operator real life network design.You may have a few CCIE, but you realized that none of them gives you the credibility that you want. You want to be the most respectful person in your organization and rise above all your peers. You are very good at many technologies; however, you realized that being an expert at network design is different and very important.
The problem is you that don’t know where to start. Everybody out there tries to teach you how to configure the protocols or devices, but definitely no solid information about real life network design. Stop searching anymore. This course will help you to get your CCDE certificate greatly. More than 80 students passed the CCDE Practical exam with this course!

;> What is the target audience of Self Paced CCDE Training ?

Network Engineers, Designers, Solution Architects
This workshop will be helpful for many exam certification such as CCNP, CCIE , CCDP and CCDE.

What am I going to get from Orhan Ergun’s Self Paced CCDE Training ?

Network design principles and best practices that will make you more respectful person in your organization.
Most important CCDE Written and Practical exam topics (Video Lessons)
Sample CCDE Practical Lab scenarios which will help you to pass Cisco CCDE exam in your first attempt.
Technology Comparison charts which will help you to understand Pros and Cons of different technologies
Network Design Quizzes which will help you to evaluate your knowledge.
Real life network design discussion videos of Orhan Ergun with other network designers, which will help you understand different design mindsets.


You should be familiar with the technologies in the Course Outline.
You don’t need to have CCIE certificate to attend the bootcamp. When you register Orhan will guide you on the resources which you should study until the bootcamp.

OrganErgun – Self-Paced CCDE Course
Course Content
1- Design Comparison Charts
Inter-AS MPLS VPN Design Comparison Chart
Single vs Dual Carrier MPLS VPN Design Comparison Chart
Routing Protocols Design Comparison Chart
EIGRP vs OSPF Design Comparison
IS-IS vs OSPF Design Comparison
Multicast Pim Modes Comparison
EoMPLS vs VPLS vs MPLS L3VPN Technology Comparison Chart
Uniform vs Short-Pipe vs Pipe Mode Comparison
OSPFv2 vs OSPFv3 Routing Protocols Comparison
HSRP vs VRRP vs GLBP Technology Comparison Chart

2- Introduction

3- Layer 2 Design
Layer 2 Theory and Design Best Practices
Layer 2 Design Case Studies
Layer 2 Technologies Overview

4- Network Design Best Practices
General Design Mind Map

5- OSPF Design
OSPF Theory and Design Best Practices
OSPF Case Study – 1 – Video
OSPF Case Study – 2 – Video
OSPF Case Study – 3 – Video
OSPF Case Study – 4 – Video
OSPF Case Study – 5 – Video

6- IS-IS Design
IS-IS Theory and Design Best Practices
IS-IS Case Study – 1 – Video
IS-IS Case Study – 2 – Video
IS-IS Case Study – 3 – Video
IS-IS Case Study – 4 – Video

7- EIGRP Design
EIGRP Theory and Design Best Practices
EIGRP Case Studies – Video

8- BGP Design
BGP Case Study – 4 – Video
BGP Case Study – 3 – Video
BGP Case Study – 1 and 2 – Video
BGP Theory and Design Best Practices – Part – 2
BGP Theory and Design Best Practices – Part – 1
BGP Mind Map

9- Quality of Service Design
QoS Design Theory and Best Practices
QoS Mind Map

10- Multicast Design
Multicast Theory and Design Best Practices
Multicast Case Study – 1 – Video
Multicast Mind Map

11- MPLS Design
MPLS Case Study – 1 – Video
MPLS Case Study – 2 – Video
MPLS Case Study 3 and 4 – Video
MPLS Theory and Design Best Practices

12- IPv6 Design
IPv6 Mind Map

13- CCDE Practical Scenarios
CCDE Practical Sample Scenario – Ornio (Enterprise)
CCDE Practical Sample Scenario – MILKATURKA (Enterprise)
CCDE Practical Sample Scenario – RMT (Service Provider)

14- Guest Designers

Russ White – CiscoLive CCDE Practical Scenario – Video

15- VPN Design

VPN Mind Map

1- MPLS Design
2- CCDE Practical Exam Demo Scenario
3- IPv6 Design
4- OSPF Design

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