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Your organization’s website is a much more important asset now than it was not that long ago. And the degree to which online commerce is continuing to grow means that you need to be sure your business is getting the most out of its web presence, attracting and maintaining customers, so knowing exactly how your website is performing is essential. Google Analytics is the most popular web analytics tool in use today, and knowing how it works, what it does, and how to extract and share the valuable information it can generate about your web assets is a key skill for any digital marketer to acquire. Understanding how to use Google Analytics effectively will help your career and company to succeed.

In this video course, your host, author and award-winning marketer, Eric Enge teaches you everything you need to take advantage of the power of Google Analytics to help your business glean key business insights and act upon them. You’ll see how to set up reports and dashboards to communicate critical information to other members of your organization. You’ll also learn how to use analytics to find problems and opportunities, apply advanced filtering and segmentation, and more. With these new skills, you will know how to set up a marketing campaign, measure your results, and analyze your customer’s behavior. If you’re involved in a digital marketing role for your enterprise, this video course will guide you through the basics to some of the advanced aspects of the program and provide enough information for you to pass the Google Analytics Certification Exam.

What you’ll learn-and how you can apply it

How to set up, manage, and use analytics to fine tune your web assets and significantly increase your value to your organization
Create reports such as acquisition, behavior, and conversion, as well as dashboards to monitor and share your website’s performance with others
Understand and set up SEO testing
How to apply filters to hone in on metrics that are critical to your business
Learn how to use Google Analytics to extract key business insights that can help your business grow
Everything you need to pass the Google Analytics Certification Exam
This video course is for you because.

You’re involved in the marketing or technology for the website for your business
You want to know how to gain greater visibility into your site’s performance, and how to get more out of it
You recognize that expertise in Google Analytics can enhance your career with highly sought-after analytics skills

You should have a basic knowledge of your company’s website, and how your company uses it to accomplish its business objectives
You should possess a desire to understand how to fine tune your website for your business
Materials or downloads needed in advance:

Although not absolutely required, access to a Google Analytics account will help reinforce the lessons taught in this video course

Table of Contents:

An Introduction to Analytics 00:05:47
Initial Google Analytics Set Up 00:11:34
Sharing Reports and Setting Up Dashboards 00:02:00
Leveraging Google Analytics Filters 00:11:18
Setting Up Campaigns in Google Analytics 00:09:54
Overview of Each of the Major Reports in Google Analytics 00:08:12
All About Acquisition Reports in Google Analytics 00:09:02
All About Behavior Reports in Google Analytics 00:07:12
All About Conversion Reports in Google Analytics 00:06:32
Demographic Data and Remarketing in Google Analytics 00:04:05
Google Analytics Segmentation 00:05:20
The Power of Google Analytics Intelligence 00:01:49
Testing Content Behavior with Google Analytics 00:04:28
Google Analytics and AMP 00:09:46
Google Tag Manager 00:10:06
Google Data Studio 00:07:01

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