O’Reilly – Software Defined Networking (SDN)

O’Reilly – Software Defined Networking (SDN)
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Networking is changing. Command line interface (CLI) skills are no longer the only configuration skills you need to deploy, configure, and manage networks today. Modern routers and switches support network device APIs like REST and NETCONF that allow for automated device configuration using software.

SDN controllers centralize or extend device intelligence offering better programmatic ways to automate network configuration and forwarding tables. This is an overview course geared toward those with at least CCNA level skills who want to get ready for today’s world of software defined networking, NFV, network automation, and network programmability.

• See how different vendors (Cisco, VMware, etc.) define SDN and how this affects
• Discover how SDN changes networking paradigms and affects the role of the network
• Understand how Google, Facebook, and others use SDN
• Learn about standards and protocols such as OpenFlow, NETCONF, VXLAN, REST API, and
• See demonstrations of ODL, ONOS, RYU, and Cisco SDN controllers
• Learn how to build your own practice SDN network
• Gain the ability to confidently assess the network technologies you should study going

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