OReilly – Oracle SQL and JSON

OReilly – Oracle SQL and JSON
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Introduced as part of Oracle 12, Oracle JSON SQL makes it possible to convert the JSON data world of keys and values into the relational data world of columns and rows. At its core, this course teaches you how to use Oracle JSON SQL.
You’ll learn the key JSON SQL functions that tell you: If the JSON data is valid, if a particular element and/or value exists in the JSON data, how to extract a specific scalar value from JSON data, and how to translate JSON keys and values into relational rows and columns. But this is more than a how-to-use JSON SQL course, it’s a refresher course for those who need a solid understanding of the distinctions between the relational data world and the JSON data world, and how SQL can act as a bridge between the two.

Explore the SQL methods that work for relational databases and JSON databases
Learn about dot notation and how it’s used to navigate through JSON elements
See how JSON_Table translates JSON keys and elements into relational rows and columns
Learn about JSON indexes in comparison to relational indexes
Understand how Oracle handles bad JSON data with the ERROR clause
Watch how the Oracle optimizer translates JSON SQL into an effective query plan

Darryl Hurley is a senior level database engineer with Change Healthcare who specializes in Oracle database administration and PL/SQL programming. He has used SQL with Oracle since Oracle version 5, and speaks at Oracle User Group conferences. Darryl blogs at implestrat.com, and is the author of the O’Reilly title "Learning Oracle PL/SQL".

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