O’Reilly – Learn to Build Web Applications with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript

O’Reilly – Learn to Build Web Applications with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript
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Becoming a professional full stack web developer requires a solid understanding of the software tools most commonly used to create websites and mobile apps: JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, and MySQL. This course teaches you about each of these tools, including their purpose, how they interact with the other tools, and detailed instruction on how to use them. Steve also covers the skill sets used in web development, such as image manipulation, page design, and database development. You’ll learn how modern websites really work, as well as gain hands-on experience using the tools and skill sets the professionals use to make those websites.

Learn how to set up your computer, install a local server, as well as find and use a hosting service
Pick up the essentials of designing web pages, adding navigation, modifying images, and adding images
Discover how to create a database and connect your website to that database
Understand the purpose and need for server side and client side applications
Learn how to make a website change colors, images, and more, when users interact with a page
Discover how to set up user sign-ins, set up shopping carts, and use social media for marketing
Learn how to test your site on all of the major browsers
Understand how to make a mobile version of your site
Steve Perry teaches classes in Java, PHP, AJAX, Perl, SQL, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Query, and Oracle, as well as database design and management at Palomar College near San Diego. He’s worked in IT and software development since 1977, holds a Master’s degree in Education with an emphasis on adult education and online training, and is the author of multiple O’Reilly titles, including "Learning SQL For Oracle" and "Dynamic Web Design with PHP and MySQL."

Table of Contents
What Is A Complete Web Application 00:13:34
About The Author 00:03:00
What Is PHP 00:10:11
What Is MySQL 00:08:56
What Is JavaScript 00:09:50
What Is jQuery 00:07:28
Example Web Application – Yourdeputy.com 00:07:04
Setting Up Your Computer 00:09:47
Installing A Local Server 00:04:28
Finding A Hosting Service 00:05:56
Using A Hosting Service 00:09:23
How A Browser Keeps Track Of Elements 00:09:09
Using JavaScript To Change HTML/CSS 00:05:50
Where To Place Your JavaScript Code 00:08:06
Adding A Class 00:06:40
Retrieving Information From A Web Form 00:08:51
Doing Math With JavaScript 00:06:46
Finding And Correcting Errors – Part 1 00:09:16
Finding And Correcting Errors – Part 2 00:06:22
JavaScript Data Types 00:10:34
Simple IF Statement 00:09:01
Logical Operators 00:09:21
Coding Loops 00:10:08
String Functions 00:11:10
Custom Functions 00:06:14
Using Events 00:09:53
Creating And Using Arrays – Part 1 00:09:10
Creating And Using Arrays – Part 2 00:09:26
Prerequisite Knowledge
Key Points Of Knowledge 00:08:11
Structure A Web Page With HTML 00:09:22
Formatting A Web Page With CSS 00:10:08
CSS Selectors 00:06:23
Setting Up A Web Page To Use jQuery 00:10:58
jQuery: Selectors, Events, And Event Methods 00:06:38
PHP Basics: Assigning Values To Variables 00:11:10
PHP Basics: Decision Statements 00:08:22
PHP Basics: Loops 00:06:23
PHP Basics: Functions 00:09:12
PHP Basics: Arrays 00:07:32
MySQL Basics 00:08:54
MySQL Data Manipulation 00:07:44
HTML, CSS, Graphics, JavaScript, And Ajax
Requirements And Detailed Design 00:09:49
Developing A Web Application Template 00:07:05
Web Graphics Part – 1 00:09:10
Web Graphics Part – 2 00:05:44
Web Graphics Part – 3 00:07:47
Web Graphics Part – 4 00:08:36
Using CSS For Page Layout 00:09:31
Dynamic JavaScript 00:10:20
Using JavaScript To Change CSS Properties 00:09:51
Implementing Ajax With JavaScript 00:10:44
Producing XML Using Ajax Part – 1 00:07:33
Producing XML Using Ajax Part – 2 00:11:03
Producing XML Using Ajax Part – 3 00:07:07
Using An HTML Form 00:06:08
Validating User Entries Part – 1 00:09:05
Validating User Entries Part – 2 00:06:46
Validating User Entries Part – 3 00:04:24
Creating A Footer 00:04:26
Database Design And Implementation
Database Design Part – 1 00:08:41
Database Design Part – 2 00:06:52
Using phpMyAdmin To Create Tables And Keys 00:07:17
Using phpMyAdmin To Add, Change, Or Remove Data 00:07:31
Connecting PHP To MySQL Part – 1 00:07:24
Connecting PHP To MySQL Part – 2 00:08:09
Producing A Report In PHP With MySQL 00:10:20
Creating A Login Page 00:05:01
Saving Data To The Database 00:08:50
Using jQuery
Integrating jQuery Into The Application 00:06:37
Using jQuery To Load HTML 00:03:29
Implementing Ajax With jQuery Part – 1 00:08:15
Implementing Ajax With jQuery Part – 2 00:08:36
Using jQuery To Validate User Entries 00:03:55
Using jQuery Widgets – Calendar 00:05:50
Mobile Web Apps
How To Work With Mobile Devices 00:08:04
Using jQuery Mobile Part – 1 00:08:43
Using jQuery Mobile Part – 2 00:06:48
Using jQuery Mobile Part – 3 00:06:29
Deploying Your Web App 00:06:29
Wrapping It Up
Testing And Validation 00:08:45
Using Social Media For Marketing 00:07:40
Security Considerations 00:07:44
Sending Email With PHP 00:03:14
Content Management Systems 00:07:47
Implementing A Shopping Cart 00:05:24
Wrapping It Up 00:06:21

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